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Hydro Calming Miniature Set

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We are the ones threatening the environment, but so are we the ones who can protect it. HELP EARTH support your effort for the Earth, even without the obvious appreciation.
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  • Because my most beautiful moment is when I am the most me, Born with the best power in the best land and in the best season.
  • It contains all the energy of the plant. To relieve all stress and irritation and find your own temperature comfortably
  • So, so that you can be beautiful as you are, Phytotherapy skin care that keeps your balance in daily life

🌍️Seasonal Local Plants

  • A really good ingredient needs to know where and who made it.
  • It contains the ingredients of plants grown by receiving the most power of nature in a transparent and truthful way.

🌄Ingredients from Nautre

  • It removes ingredients that are not good for the skin and fills only with the safe ingredients that nature gave.
  • It consists only of ingredients that are good for the skin, and all ingredients used comply with the EWG grade.

🏕️88% of Gujeolcho extract

  • From a long time ago, the Gujeolcho flower (cultivated in Hwasun, South Jeolla) has been used as an herb to soothe the skin. Several types of research have already proved the abundant polyphenols and non-toxic materials in Gujeolcho.
  • This is where we decided to utilize Gujeolcho as our main ingredient for the recipe of the ultimate vegan skincare line.


  • EWG Rated Green and Vegan Skincare; All Ingredients From Seasonal Nature and Made Phyto Balance System with No Animal Tested Essence Toner, Cream and Cleansing Bar for Women Men; Eco Friendly Packaging; Essence 30ml, Ampule Cream 10g, Cleansing Bar 15g ; Official Vegan Cruelty Free Certification From PETA
  • Perfect to Keep Balanced From Oily Face and Keep Moisturized with Wrinkle Improvement and Facial Skin Care Miniature and Travel Kit ; Lower Facial Skin Temperature Immediately; Natural Ingredients Plants Produce To Protect Themselves From Damage with Our Unique Recipe of Phyto Balanced System.
  • Travel easier and lighter with the owndo hydro calming Miniature Travel Kit. The minimal 3-step skincare will protect your skin not only from the fatigue during your trips but also from the changes in external environments.
  • 88% of Gujeolcho Extract for Essence Toner and 33% of Gujeolcho Extract for Ampule Cream ; Which is Cultivated in Korea’s Alps and Gujeolcho Has Been Used As an Herb To Soothe the Damaged Skin; Abundant Polyphenols and Non-toxic Materials in Gujeolcho Which is Our Own Recipe Of The Ultimate Vegan Skincare Cosmetic Products
  • Keep Your Skin Hydrating with Glowing Beauty Skin Even After Washing Off Your Makeup; Sustain Your Beauty with True Korean Beauty Cosmetic Products; Let Your Facial Skin Keep Hydrating Without Stickiness.

Country of Origin:

  • Republic of Korea